Legal Advice for Work Place Injuries

If you have suffered an injury or been involved in an accident in the work place, then you should definitely seek legal advice. Work place injuries can affect your quality of life, your ability to work, your income, and your prospects in that workplace.

Your employer is legally obliged to do everything they can to make your workplace safe, and to provide you with the equipment, training and support you need to avoid injury in the workplace. Sometimes, things will go wrong but there is a big difference between negligence and accidents.

If you believe that your employer has been negligent in their role of keeping you safe, then you should definitely seek legal advice. Even accidents should be covered by insurance.

Work Place Injuries

Make sure that you log and report all issues as soon as they arise. You should not leave issues standing because if you cannot document the treatment that you have received then you could end up putting yourself in a position where it is hard to make a claim.

Log all of the treatment that you get, and talk to your doctor on an ongoing basis about how your injuries limit your day to day activities and hamper your quality of life. Make it clear how long you have been injured for, and what the prognosis is.

When an injury happens, get it logged in the accident book right away. This is to protect both you, and the company, because it means that there will be a clear, factual record of what actually happened.

A good employer will support you while you recover from an injury. Indeed, in most parts of the world you have legal protections to cover sick pay, loss of earnings, etc, and if you cannot return to your usual line of work they should try to find something that you can do in the mean time – perhaps you would do back office work instead of working in a manual position. Not all employers are in a position to make such accommodations but where they are possible it is important that the company does offer them.

You should be diligent in your rehab, and make sure that you document every dealing with HR, your boss, and with your doctors so that you can support any claim that you are making and get the best possible outcome after injury.